Once apon a time there lived a girl named Jenna and her sister and her brother who woke up Christmas morning with presents every where! Jenan got everything she wanted! She got a Digital Camera, High School Musical 2, a play station game, High school musical and Hannah Montana perfume, Hannah Montana Pajamas, a reindeer webkinz, a beautiful crown, new earings, Hannah Montana barbie doll, and alot more but she forgot about the rest of them. She had the bestest Christmas ever!!!!!!!!!!

By: Jenna*

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Christmas Day and New Years!

For Christmas I got a digital camera, a reindeer webkinz, Hannah Montana Pajamas, Hannah Montana Barbie doll, new earings, high school musical 2 the movie, high school musical play station 2 game, a beautiful crown, and alot more just im sorry for mentioning what I got I would just like to share! And for new years it was sad as always and layed on the floor with no bed and watched the ball drop. That was my new years..


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Dear Mrs. McC in Iceland

Dear Mrs. McC.,

How is Iceland? What do you like most? We hope you are having a great time. We’ve got a ton of snow here. It is about 10 inches deep. Today, we are going to go to Five Pines and go sledding together. We can’t wait to hear about your vacation.

Your students,

Tacy and Madalena

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The Christmas story!

It was Christmas Eve, while everyone was sleeping, with Santa flying threw the air with the reindeer flying so fast, threw the air! While Madalena was getting a glass of water, Santa came down the chimdey and Madalena walked alittle closer and then she saw Santa! Santa was only there for 1 minute! He used is magic power and all a sudden there was presents everywhere! And the stockings were full! And all a sudden he dissapeared! Daniel, Andy, Erin, Michael, Jordan, Rachel C, Josh, Jack, Brooke, Mikhayla, Abbey, Tacy, Corey, Shawn, Austin, Rachel M, Madie, Emily, Collin, Jenna, Abby, Madalena, Jesse, Nick, and Blaine all woke up, with 10 presents in their rooms, and 100 presents under their tree from Santa, and 50 from their parents and everyone got so many presents! And they got no clothes and all toys! And everyone lived happily ever after!

By: Jenna

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hockey weekend

I have been at my brother’s hockey tournament, all weekend. We were at crown point for that. I heard that it snowed a lot. To bad that I missed that. Well at least I got to see a decent amount of snow in Crown Point. We got about 12 inches there. I still wish that I could have been in St.Joe to see the snow. My mom is really happy now that she sees all of the snow. I had fun at the touranment. I played air hocky and did the claw michine and i won a stuffed fish. i named it fish head after an annoying video i saw on youtube. well i’ve got to get going. Sincerly, Mikhayla

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The Weekend

Hey everyone!!!

Has anyone been iceskating yet this year? I have! It is really fun 😀 I can’t believe it snowed! I love snow so much! Do you guys like snow??Over the weekend I saw Enchanted with Madalena. These are the movies I have seen so far.. Bee Movie, Fred Claus, Enchanted 2 times, and thats it. I really want to see the Chipmunk movie. The preveiws on it are really funny!! 🙂 🙂 Well, have a great weekend/ day!!

By: Jen-Jen!!!! ` bu bye! LOL

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Santa Letter

December 1, 2007

Dear Santa,

Picture yourself by a fire, drinking milk, eating cookies, wrapped in a fuzzy blanket and enjoying your own peace and quiet. At my house you can do just that.. Remember, I have a dog now, so don’t be surprised to see a kennel close by the tree. Maybe if you bring Olive, Ashley will be kept busy. While you work, you can listen to Christmas music, or you can watch TV.
Our chocolate chip cookies are warm, chewy, and chocolatey. Take one bite and your tastebuds will soar! We leave out carrots and celery that are perfect for the reindeer. I’ve been really good this year. Remember, you’ll feel better after coming. THANK YOU! Merry Christmas!

Your friend,


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Santa Letter

December 1, 2007
Dear Santa,
Please come to my house because we have some awesome provisions! Next to the couch will be freshly baked chocolate cookies, a thermos of really chocolaty hot co-co for you. For your reindeer will be a bag of carrots, a bag of apples, a bag of cookies (for you on the go). Wait don’t stop reading.
My living room is awesome! There you should look at the beautifully decorated tree. My favorite ornament is the rocking horse one. Anyway there is a supper warm fireplace with four or five stockings on it.
On the couch will be a nice, warm, and cozy horse blanket and anther blanket, anchor blanket (if you want to snuggle up in. My room is very clean, and warm so come and see. SSHH! My brother and I are asleep.

Sincerely Erin

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Santa Letter

Dear Santa,

We have cookies, milk, and apples. My cat likes people like you. We have a fire in the fireplace. We have a TV to watch.

We have warm water for the reindeer. We have a Christmas tree for the presents. We have decorations too.

There is a comfortable couch, and the blanket is warm. Next year we hope you come by our house and have hot chocolate and home made cookies. I hope to see you next year. Thank you Santa.



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Santa Letter

December 1, 2007

Dear Santa,

Please come to my house this year. I’ve been a good little girl. If you come to my house there will be a present for you. It will be on the table. It is wrapped in swirled wrapping paper. This present is extra special.

There will be milk, cookies, and popcorn for you in the microwave. There will also be carrots and oatmeal with sprinkles for your reindeer. The carrots will be in the microwave,and the oatmeal with sprinkles will be on the road. Try not to get the food all over because last year my mom had a cow because there were crumbs all over. This year if she sees crumbs all over she might have the whole barn.

Before you leave sit on the couch and get under my big blanket. It is warm, fuzzy, and soft. It will make you really warm. It will make you really cozy.

Hope you come to my house this year.

Merry Christmas,


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